• By bpk8793
  • / 2021-06-29

We, bentodao, will finally start distributing bento boxes for free from July. We haven’t reached the scale of our sister project “Rarepizzas” yet, but look forward to future developments.

The sales of NFT art sold at Opensea from April 2021, will be exchanged for yummy BentoBox, and from July 2021, will be distributed free of charge at 3 stores in Tokyo and Kyoto as below. All of them are cutting-edge chefs in Japan who deeply understanding of crypto and Bentodao project, and we plan to continue to hold events and coin payments through each store. We will keep you posted on the site, so stay tuned!

The number of bento distributed, variations, the date and time, etc. will differ depending on each store.




HAL Yamashita TOKYO midtown 7月21日 昭和医大病院様(東京)へお弁当を届けました。リンク
Gluten Free T’s kitchen Tokyo,Roppongi 8月19日より店頭にてチャリティーイベント開催。リンク
084delicatessenrestaurant, Kyoto 7月8日 京都山城医療センター様(京都)へお弁当を届けました。リンク