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Bentodao charity 第3弾のお知らせです。


ご協力いただくお店は、六本木の東京ミッドタウンにほど近い、グルテンフリーレストラン「Gluten Free T’s kitchen」。
看板メニュー「グルテンフリーパンケーキ」を 医療従事者さまと、ご同伴の1名さまに無料でお召し上がりいただけます。焼きたてふわふわのパンケーキは、健康に留意される皆さまに人気のメニュー。ぜひお仕事帰りに、オフの日に、お立ち寄りくださいませ。

● 注文方法:お店の方に、①本サイトと②医療従事者であるということがわかるIDをご提示くださいませ。
● 開始時期:2021年8月19日(木)~ 
● 営業時間:12:00-20:00(火曜日定休)
● アクセス:「Gluten Free T’s kitchen」https://glutenfree.co.jp/

おひとり様でのご利用もOK! 先着10名となりますので、ぜひお早めに♪

Bentodao charity vol.3 is coming!Enjoy pancakes!!

We Bentodao charity will offer 3rd project in a new eat-in and take-out, not a Bento box.
Due to the pandemic of the COVID-19 Delta, the number of infected has been updated again, and the burden on medical personnel has increased, the medical system is facing very tough situations every day.
We gratitude to all person in charge to fight to COVID-19 medical staff and, will start a humble charity that will give you a healthy and fleeting breath for thank you.

The cooperates restaurant is “Gluten Free T’s kitchen”, is close to Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi.
Medical professionals (ID required as follows) and one accompany can be enjoyed free “Gluten-free pancakes”, the signature menu. Freshly baked fluffy pancakes are a popular for people who care about their health. Please drop in on your off day after work.

● How to order: Please show the shop staff
(1) this post page and (2) an any ID that identifies you as a medical professionals.
● Start date: August 19, 2021 (Thursday) 
● Opening hours: 12:00-20:00 (Closed on Tuesdays)
● Access: ” Gluten Free T’s kitchen ” https://glutenfree.co.jp/

Anyway, you can use it by yourself! The first 10 people will be available, so be sure to get there as soon as possible ♪
(Please note that it will end without notice as soon as the specified q’ty is completed)