• By editor-tokyo
  • / 2021-07-29

先日レポートの通り、7月21日に“HAL YAMASHITA”のお弁当10個をお届けした昭和大学江東豊洲病院の病院長さまより、本日Bentodaoプロジェクト宛にお礼状をいただきましたので、ご報告いたします。


We would like to report the following honorable thank-you letter from the representative of Showa koto toyosu hospital, delivered 10 lunch boxes on July 21st;

“Dear Bentodao charity project members,
Thank you for gifting a special bento box to our medical staff who facing COVID-19. We all the staff of this hospital would like to express our sincere gratitude to your team’s kind and warm support. At this hospital, all staff are working together to treat and prevent the spread of infection. We, as medical professionals, declare that we will continue to strive for medical activities to meet the expectations of the local community.
We would like to express our gratitude to you in this letter.
Best regards, Showa University Koto Toyosu Hospital Director, Tsuyoshi Kasama“

After the opening of the Olympic Games on the 22nd, the number of domestically infected Covid19 has surged again, marking the highest number ever.
We are proud to be able to help healthcare professionals, extremely difficult and busy, and deeply grateful for your support to we can continue this actions.

Warm regards,