• By editor-tokyo
  • / 2021-04-19

Bespoke jewelry creator. Decorate your small world beyond my hands to yours. Reinvented fun fine jewelry in Tokyo all by hand with respect Japanese ‘TAKUMI’ artisan. I’m also active in supporting children living in shelters and developing countries. Hoping that this “Bento-DAO” activity will deliver them smile and heartwarming bento against a suffer of Covid-19.

I find many similarity between Bento and jewelry to “Create a small world in a box with considering the lifestyle, color and balance.” “Bento” is not just a food, but a treasure filled art piece with special compsssion, feelings from each chefs. Mom made me a Bento fit to the physical condition, weather, and schedule, everyday for 10 years in my school days. The Japanese brushstrokes phrases by Mom expressed the warm support and uniqueness of the “Bento Project”.

I really enjoy this project and just started to making fine jewelry with food, Obento and pizza motifs, and, will embody your ideas and ideal shapes with the fine materials and techniques. Feel free to follow me and pls contact me! Bitcoin payment is mostly welcomed. Thank you*:)